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Haggling- Does It Still Work In Today’s World?

You might think that haggling is something reserved for countries other than mainland USA, and to some extent, you’d be right. Mexico and China are two examples of countries where haggling is extremely prevalent, in fact, if you don’t haggle, you’re probably going to pay up to 30x the price you could have purchased the [...]

Hiring a Financial Planner – Worth It or Not?

Many people wonder whether or not financial planners are worth it. I myself was in that boat a few years ago, and have been through quite a bit of my own testing and research.

The first thing to do if you’re considering hiring a financial planner is to make sure you find a “fee only” planner. [...]

Saving Money By Using an Envelope

Hopefully the title of this post caught your attention, because today I’m going to share my favorite tip of all time when it comes to managing money.

In today’s world, it’s extremely easy to spend money without even thinking about it, swipe a piece of plastic, tap a couple of buttons, insert your chip, and before [...]