How to Sell USDT: Withdrawals from Exchanges and Avoiding Friends Who Don't Pay Up


How can I sell USDT without using a platform that requires me to withdraw and transfer the funds to another person who won't pay me?

2023-05-18 01:51

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To sell USDT, one can follow the steps below:

1. Go to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports USDT trading, such as Binance or Kraken.

2. Deposit the USDT into the exchange's wallet by transferring it from your own wallet.

3. Place a sell order for USDT on the exchange, which will match your sell order with a buy order from another trader.

4. Once your sell order is complete, the USDT will be converted into the chosen cryptocurrency or fiat currency (such as USD) and deposited into your exchange account.

5. You can then withdraw the funds from the exchange to your bank account or other payment method.

If your friend does not want to pay for the USDT withdrawal fee, it may be possible to negotiate a different arrangement or find another way to exchange the USDT for currency or goods. However, it is important to carefully consider any risks and fees involved in such transactions.

Release time 2023 05 18

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