How to Buy USDT with Full Coins in RMB


How to buy USDT with CNY using Manbi?

2023-06-07 16:04

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To buy USDT with CNY, you can purchase Man Coin first and then exchange it for USDT. Man Coin can be bought using CNY on an exchange platform that supports trading of Man Coin. Once you have Man Coin, you can then exchange it for USDT on the same exchange platform or a different one that supports the trading pair. The process may vary depending on the exchange platform used, but generally, it involves creating an account, verifying your identity, and funding your account with CNY. After that, you can proceed to buy Man Coin, swap it for USDT, and withdraw your USDT to your preferred wallet.

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To purchase USDT with Manbi (or RMB), one can first register on a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports the trading of USDT. Next, deposit Manbi or RMB into the exchange account and convert it into USDT at the prevailing market rate. The USDT can be subsequently withdrawn to a digital wallet or used for trading purposes. It is important to note that the availability and accessibility of USDT trading may vary depending on the specific cryptocurrency exchange platform.

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1. 创建满币账户并进行实名认证。 2. 在满币网站上进行充值(支持银行卡和支付宝转账等方式)。 3. 使用充值账户余额购买比特币、以太币或其他数字货币。 4. 在满币网站上使用所购买的数字货币兑换USDT。 5. 您也可以选择将数字货币转移到其他交易所或钱包中,然后再进行USDT兑换。


1. 打开支持购买USDT的交易平台,并进行实名认证。 2. 在交易平台上选择支持人民币的支付方式(例如银行卡、支付宝或微信)进行充值。 3. 使用充值账户余额购买比特币、以太币或其他数字货币。 4. 在交易平台上使用所购买的数字货币兑换USDT。 5. 您也可以选择将数字货币转移到其他交易所或钱包中,然后再进行USDT兑换。

Release time 2023 06 07

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