Common Scams and Tricks in USDT Purchasing Frauds


How to ask for advice on avoiding USDT scam tactics and tricks in English?

2023-05-28 20:32

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The scam of buying USDT on behalf of others typically involves a variety of fraudulent tactics. These may include phishing emails or social media posts that deceive individuals into divulging their login credentials or private keys. Some scammers may also claim to offer excessively high rates of return on USDT investments, or may pressure victims to act hastily in order to secure a purportedly lucrative deal.

In some cases, the scammers may request that victims transfer cryptocurrency or other funds to a third-party wallet or exchange, falsely claiming that this is necessary to complete the purchase of USDT. Alternatively, they may demand payment in advance, promising that they will then send the USDT at a later time - only to disappear with the funds once they have received them.

Overall, individuals should exercise caution when dealing with individuals or organizations that offer to purchase USDT on their behalf. They should thoroughly research any offers, take steps to safeguard their personal information, and be skeptical of any offer that seems too good to be true. Ultimately, the best defense against these types of scams is awareness and vigilance.

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The scam of buying USDT on behalf of others usually involves enticing victims into transferring money to the supposed buyer, who then escapes with the funds without delivering the promised USDT. Other forms of this scam may include impersonating a trustworthy buyer to gain the victim's trust, using fake identity and account details, and manipulating online communication channels to avoid detection. In some instances, the scam may involve using counterfeit or stolen funds to make the purchase, leading to legal repercussions for both the buyer and the victim. Overall, it is important to exercise caution when engaging in any financial transactions online and to verify the identity and credibility of the other party before proceeding.

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1. 假装是USDT代购平台: 骗子会假冒USDT代购平台,谎称购买USDT需要提供个人信息/银行卡信息等,并让受害者在其平台上进行购买支付,最后收到的是虚假的USDT或根本没有收到。

2. 假扮成虚假客户服务代表: 骗子会充当客服代表,建议受害者在某个特定的平台上购买USDT,在处理过程中盗取受害者的个人信息和钱财。

3. 发送外链诈骗:骗子会以虚假形式发送一封电子邮件或短信到受害者的收件箱,提供USDT代购链接。这样受害者会在进入该链接后输入个人信息和数据,从而导致电子书包损失等问题。

4. 投资欺诈:骗子会以投资的看似高回报承诺为诱饵,吸引受害者前来购买USDT。当受害者购买之后,骗子会消失或告诉受害者需要再次支付USDT才能实际收到之前承诺的投资回报。


Release time 2023 05 28

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