Saving Money On Appliances

Saving Money On Appliances

Saving money isn’t all about stashing half of your paycheck away. It also comes down to your everyday choices and lifestyle decisions. When it comes to the appliances around your house there’s definitely a right and wrong way to do things, otherwise you’re looking at some hefty appliance repair fees.

It’s important to start off right when making purchases. Do your research and homework now so that you don’t have to later. Oftentimes the most expensive appliances aren’t even the best choice. This is also true with low cost appliances. We notice that mid-range price tag appliances often end up lasting much longer and working out better for most homeowners.

We also recommend looking into warranty options on the brand of appliance that you’re looking for. For example: that $180 washer might look tempting, but oftentimes these low price appliances come with limited or no warranties at all. A good appliance will come with a 2+ year warranty, and most even come with up to 5 years.

These decisions may not seem like much, but when your fridge goes out in the middle of summer that emergency handyman job is going to cost at least half as much as the fridge.

Hopefully this article provides some insight into appliance selection. It’s something that we all have to do at some point in our lives, so might as well get it right the first time and avoid regret, bills, and frustration!

PS: If you live in Colorado and need appliance repairs we highly recommend Thornton Appliance Repair, they did a great job fixing our fridge and got it working again before anything even spoiled!

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